Used wind turbines, reusing renewable tech

used wind turbines

Used wind turbines, reusing renewable tech


Many many years ago, humankind started building windmills to use for agriculture. Nowadays we’ve started building and using them for energy purposes. It’s a sustainable energy source, that will replace oil and coal. So why not reuse used wind turbines, instead of destroying them and buying newer models.


The new future


The main idea is to reuse older and outdated wind turbines, replacing their dysfunctional parts, with working parts. Using used wind turbines is way better for environment, than just throwing them out. I agree that the newer models are better than the older, but imagine that whenever the newer models need to be repaired, older parts can be used to fix them. This is actually possible, since the new models have been designed, so that they’re compatible with older model’s parts. This way the engineers won’t have trouble making them compatible, and are able to replace the parts in no time.


Why buy new, when old is better?

used wind turbines

Well, it’s simple. During production of an all new wind turbine, companies use a lot of coal or oil. Of course the wind turbines will make it even, since they produce green energy. But imagine drawing the production out of the equation, with reusing models that have dismantled in the progress of being replaced by newer models. Few companies are specialized in selling and rebuilding older models, which is quite brilliant, considering the current talk about pollution.

The companies that help rebuilding, reselling and installing the used wind turbines, they help:

  • The environment
    • By halting the production of new turbines
  • The industry
    • Be using used spare parts, so newer ones don’t have to be used.
  • You
    • By helping you, help the environment, and making green energy to your company.


It’s that easy


It really doesn’t get any easier. When you so desperately want to do your part in fighting global warming, with cutting away the unnecessary usage of oil and coil, and want your company’s energy to be self-sufficient. You wont’t have to worry about buying a new expensive wind turbine, you can buy and old model that has been repaired with working spare parts.



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